Ozclay Air Drying Modelling Clay 5Kg *Bulk Buy*

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Ozclay Air Drying Modelling Clay 5Kg *Bulk Buy*



An Australian made air drying clay that is inexpensive for classroom use when a kiln is not accessible to fire normal clay. This revolutionary new clay has all the properties of clay, it requires the same skills for modelling with clay yet it air dries. Very little shrinkage when drying so it can go over armatures such as newspaper balls, wire and foil to construct larger forms without using a large quantity of clay. Add water if clay is too hard or cracking while modelling. Store clay in a cool place wrapped in plastic when not in use. Leave models to dry in open air. When dry apply acrylic paint or Supermix Pastels softened with a hair dryer to create a beautiful matt finish. Several coats of UniLac varnish will seal the clay models allowing them to go outside and withstand the weather without deteriorating.