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Knorr Sakims Sauce Honey Soy 2.1kg *Bulk Buy*


Knorr Sakims Sauce Honey Soy 2.1kg *Bulk Buy*

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Product Description

KNORR Sakims Professional Honey Soy Sauce is a sweet soy based sauce complemented with honey. Ideal served with beef, chicken, pork or seafood for a stir fry. Also great as a marinade in pizzas, wraps and burgers.

KNORR is one of the world’s best known savoury brands, with KNORR products currently sold in 87 countires. With KNORR’s long heritage and a deep understanding of Chef’s needs, KNORR has become a culinary partner to Chefs throughout the world.

Packaging size: 2.1 kg
Brand: KNORR
Subbrand: SAKIMS

Features and Benefits

• Sauces are easy to use as no preparation is required and no ingredients to add
• Saves time and provides cost and portion control
• Perfect for low skilled kitchens or for Chefs who don’t have time to cook from scratch
• Ideal for Chefs who want to add their own creativity
• A flavour to suit every menu and taste
• Consistent quality and taste every time
• Bain-marie stable, perfect for long service
• Re-sealable jug


Sauce can be heated on the stove, in a microwave, conventional or combination oven.


Can be held in a bain marie for up to four hours stirring occasionally. KNORR Sakims Honey Soy Sauce is freeze thaw and bain marie stable. Refrigerate after opening for up to 3 days or freeze.

Convenience level

Ready to use.

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