KNORR Booster Chicken Gluten Free 2.4kg (GF) *Bulk Buy*

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Quick Overview

KNORR Booster Chicken Gluten Free 2.4kg (GF) *Bulk Buy*

Out of stock

The KNORR Chicken Booster is GLUTEN FREE with no added MSG and consists of well balanced roasted chicken flavours including real chicken pieces. Perfect for boosting your risottos, casseroles and soups.

Features and Benefits

• Consistent quality and taste every time
• Can be added as a seasoning during the cooking process
• Economical way to give savoury dishes a superb finish
• High yield per pack for effective portion and cost control
• Long shelf life
• Made by Chefs exclusively for Chefs


Combine 25g of KNORR Chicken Booster with 1L of boiling water and stir until dissolved.


Replace lid tightly. Store in a cool, dry place.

Convenience level

Combine KNORR Chicken Booster with boiling water.


Serving size: 100mL

Shelf life

18 months