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Invicta Gifts Black Leather Hotel Room Clock


Invicta Gifts Black Leather Hotel Room Clock

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Product Description

Why do hotels all over the world use this exact style of clock?

  • This battery clock will not loose time if there is a power shortage or power surge.
  • It has an automatic face light that turns on as soon as it is lifted – so guests wont get disorientated in the dark
  • Simple to use and set – most guests don’t want to be hassled trying to lean how to set the clock radio
  • Simplicity and functionality are the key points.
  • More than 50% of hotels, serviced apartments, offer battery operated alarm clocks in their rooms. Our clock is designed for practical use, and elegant style. It has a special features of using separate battery, so no worries for sudden power outages,  and also contains an automatic lift-up light for handy time search.

Requires 1 standard AA battery

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