Equal Sweetener Sachets 50

Equal Sweetener Sachets Pk50

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Equal Sweetener Sachets Pk50



Great taste minus the calories. One Equal® sachet (15 kJ) is equivalent in sweetness to two level teaspoons of sugar (140 kJ) Equal sachets dissolve quickly to perfectly flavour your hot and cold drinks, and are great on cereal too. Sprinkle away!

*Low Calorie Sweetener.

*Only 4.0 calories per serve.

*Contains No Gluten, Nuts, Eggs, or Milk.

*Classic sweet taste trusted and enjoyed for over 30 years.

*1 sachet of Equal = 2 level tsp of sugar.

*The perfect way to sweetener your favourite beverage.

*Suitable for Coeliac and Vegetarian diets.