Enprocal Repair 17.5g

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Enprocal Repair 17.5g



Categories : First Aid & Medical
this is a powdered, flavour-neutral medical food designed to assist the process of wound healing. Enprocal Repair is based on Enprocal, the formulated food supplement, but with added L-arginine, an amino acid associated with improved rates of wound healing. Enprocal Repair is also high in protein, energy, calcium, fibre and most key micro-nutrients as overall enhanced nutritional intake is vital for successful wound healing. For example, a single serve of Enprocal Repair (powder only) delivers around 7g protein and 300kJ energy together with the following RDIs of micro-nutrients; Vitamins C -29%, B12-50%, B2-17%, D-15%, calcium-25% and zinc-12%. When used in milk, as per pack recommendations, the numbers are even higher. Enprocal Repair is a medical food and should only be used after consultation with a health professional. Enprocal Repair comes in a box of 15 x 17.5 single serve sachets.