Crisco Oil Sunflower 750mL

Crisco Oil Sunflower 750mL

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Crisco Oil Sunflower 750mL



Crisco Sunflower Oil is ideal for high heat cooking like roasting, baking and stir-frying. This premium oil is a source of Omega 6, with 28% less saturated fat than olive oil.

Containing 28% less saturated fat than olive oil, Crisco Sunflower Oil is a great choice for cooking a range of family meals. It has a unique flavour which is designed to assist in the cooking process without altering the taste of your food. This oil is ideal for high temperature cooking like baking and roasting.

• 100% Premium Pure Sunflower oil

• Source of Omega 6

• With 28% less saturated fat than olive oil

• Perfect for high temperature cooking

• Ideal for baking & roasting

Packed in Australia from Imported ingredients


Sunflower Oil.