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BioBag Doggy Flat Pack – 50 Bags BPA Free ECO Friendly


BioBag Doggy Flat Pack – 50 Bags BPA Free ECO Friendly

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Product Description

Be one of the loving but conscientious dog owners throughout the world with these doggie poo bags. Know that our beaches and green spaces are clean and an enjoyable place to be.

Once used, simply find the right bin to put them in, and let the organisms do their work within 10-45 days to compost. Normal plastic bags can hang around for over 100 years, so these bags really help the environment. Flat packed for easy storage.

Made From Mater-Bi, derived from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers.

BioBag World Australia, purveyors of BioBag compostable alternatives to regular plastic rubbish bags, began life way back in the 1950s. In 1993 they launched the range of eco rubbish bags we have here at Wholesome Hub.

By choosing BioBags to contain your rubbish, you’re choosing bags that are certified as 100% compostable that are earth friendly and leave behind no toxic residues.

Use BioBags for everything from regular household waste, to food waste and even for your dog’s poo. Restaurants, cafes and bars can also use BioBags for their large outdoor bins.

Made from plant based bioplastics (for example, from non GM corn starch) these truly are a more sustainable way of disposing of your waste. BioBags, we love you!

Made in Estonia

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