Bastion Disposable Ear Plug Ctn of 200 Pairs

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Bastion Disposable Ear Plug Ctn of 200 Pairs



Why wear earplugs for sleeping? The amount of time you spend sleeping corresponds to a third of your entire life. There is no need to argue that sleeping is indispensable. If you want to live properly, you should sleep adequately. Your ears do not have eyelids and are constantly on standby. Unusual sounds can trigger unconscious physiological reactions during your night’s rest. This disrupts the quality of your sleep.

This is the primary reason why sleeping with earplugs could be an interesting solution!

What does ‘sleeping well’ mean? What is noise pollution? Noise is a part of our subjective perception: a noise can be considered aggressive, disruptive or frustrating by one individual but not by someone else.

Despite this, every sound will be experienced as discomforting if it rises above 30 decibels.

Imagine if your guests were sleeping near a train line, main road or near-by construction.

  • Soft, clean and comfortable ear plugs
  • Available in individually packaged for hygiene packs
  • Carton transforms into a handy dispenser box
  • Quantity: 200 pairs
  • Uncorded