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Austraw Straw Flexible EcoBio 210mm Black Ctn of 3000


Austraw Straw Flexible EcoBio 210mm Black Ctn of 3000

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Product Description

Our Eco oxo-biodegradable straws have an additive added at the manufacturing
stage which turns ordinary plastic into a material with a different
molecular structure. After a period of useful life, the product will
breakdown in the presence of oxygen.
At the end of that process it is no longer a plastic, and
has become a material which will disappear in the open
environment, the same way as a leaf.


Our boxes are marked with a panel
for noting the open date.
Customer should write in once opened
Customer has 2-4 months of useful
life for this product before the
product begins to breakdown.
Please be sure to monitor this date.

Keep away from direct sunlight

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